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Women's and Prenatal Care

Care For Growing Families

We believe the best health care involves the whole person—addressing physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health—and that of the family and community. Since 1984, we have worked for a healthier community and for healthier babies.

Women's Health

Our excellent staff of Women's Health providers provide women's well care services, such as gynecological exams and well-woman visits. 

Free Pregnancy Tests

Lawndale Christian Health Center offers free pregnancy tests at each of our sites. We want to be available to you when you need us. Pregnancy tests are available on a walk-in basis, or you can also call ahead to schedule a same-day appointment with your Primary Care Provider. A provider, nurse, or test counselor is available to provide you with immediate, lab-quality results, along with any counseling you may need.

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Prenatal Care

 As part of our comprehensive prenatal care at LCHC, we provide free pregnancy testing, assistance with applying for your medical card, and a variety of free support services.


Centering Pregnancy

Centering is a unique style of prenatal care as a group. Its aim is to build a community that empowers women to be actively involved in their own care and better equipped to make healthy choices throughout their pregnancy and beyond. Expectant mothers meet for 10 sessions with a group of 8-10 other pregnant women with similar due dates. Each time a group meets, women have the chance to record their pregnancy progress, check their baby, address specific concerns one-on-one with their provider, and discuss pregnancy issues that are relevant to them as a group, including exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, signs of labor, breastfeeding, new baby care and postpartum issues.

Centering is a prenatal check up, nurse visit, and childbirth education all in one appointment! To learn more click here: Centering


Medical Care

Your Care Team
Your Care Choice
Your Hospital Choices for Delivery

Support Services

Lactation Counseling
On-Site W.I.C. Services
AllKids Application Assistance (MPE, Moms & Babies)