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Adult Health

We offer comprehensive healthcare options and services for adults. Our Family Practice and Internal Medicine specialists offer ongoing medical care.

We also specialize in helping our patients treat chronic conditions, like asthma or high blood pressure. You don't have to live with your condition alone. We have resources that can help you manage your health conditions.


LCHC offers comprehensive medical services for adults and children who have asthma. Our services are available by a primary care clinician referral, and or by directly contacting the asthma department at Lawndale. We minister primarily to the needs of patients who are in the process of determining a possible diagnosis of asthma, the recently diagnosed with asthma, and or those who have been living with it all their lives.

We offer the following asthma services:

  • Spirometry
  • Allergy skin testing
  • Chronic Care Educators provide one-on-one educational sessions in the clinic.
  • A loaner nebulizer program is in the process of being made available for patients at Lawndale.

There is a strong focus in the area of education to avoid the long-term complications of uncontrolled asthma. Asthma action plans are initiated with provider input. Daily peak flow monitoring with diary, and inhaler with spacer use is strongly recommended with tools noted on site.


Our diabetes program focuses on providing comprehensive team-based services for diabetic patients and their families, along with a strong prevention component for those at risk for developing diabetes. We know that good diabetes control will lower the chances of developing complications such as blindness, amputation, kidney failure and heart attack. We make the most of teachable moments, and are willing to meet patients where they are at in their understanding of proper diabetes management.

We offer the following services for our Diabetes patients:

  • Chronic Care Educators provide one-on-one educational sessions in the clinic or at the convenience of a patient’s home.
  • Assistance with provider-patient communication
  • Offer the following classes: Diabetes Basics, Diabetes Nutrition, and Cholesterol classes
  • Cook County Hospital’s Neighborhoods program’s benefits are available on site. Diabetics can get their CCH medication & supplies directly to Lawndale.
  • The new Precision-Xtra blood sugar monitor is now available to those who attend meter orientation classes.

Our staff is passionate and very creative in educating our patients to combat the effects of long-term complication from uncontrolled diabetes. Healthy lifestyle changes are strongly emphasized in getting blood sugar levels, blood pressure numbers, and cholesterol levels under control. Blood sugar monitor assist is available with scheduled appointment.

Click here to see a hemoglobin A1c chart to help you assess your risk for diabetes!