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Clinical Rotations - Faith & Urban Healthcare

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Faith & Urban Healthcare

Lawndale Christian Health Center’s “Faith and Urban Healthcare Rotation” seeks to address the question, “What does Christ demand of His followers in the healthcare professions?”  Open to medical students and residents, and students from physician assistant and nurse practitioner programs, this rotation offers opportunities to explore issues in faith-based healthcare for the underserved in an urban environment.  In addition to clinical experiences alongside LCHC primary care and subspecialty providers, students will have opportunities to discuss pertinent topics and readings with LCHC leadership and staff in small group settings.  The rotation offers exposure to home visits, medical care in homeless shelters, and connections with various other community organizations caring for our community. Join us as we explore together what it means “to show and share the love of Jesus by promoting wellness and providing quality, affordable health care” for our community.

Click here for detailed information about the Faith & Urban Healthcare program.

Apply for a Rotation

Before completing the application below, please note that students accepted for our Faith and Urban Healthcare Rotation must ensure that their programs requirements allow the following:
  • Rotation duration of 2-6 weeks
  • 36-40 hours per week of scheduled rotation activities, of which: 
    - 50-80% of the hours are clinical precepting
    - 10-30% of the hours are small groups and didactic activities related to topics in underserved and faith-based healthcare
    - 10-20% of the hours are other activities (home visits, mobile health clinics, reading, research, writing, etc.)
  • Several different clinical preceptors, including physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. We are unable to guarantee any certain types/ specialties of preceptors. All our preceptors are certified according to requirements of LCHC, and are employed by LCHC.


NP students may choose to apply for a Faith and Urban Healthcare Rotation (FUHR) if their program and schedules allow them to meet the requirements listed above, but many NP students require clinical hours, schedules, and preceptor types that will not fit with our FUHR program schedule. We can only guarantee approximately 20 hours per week of clinical precepting time (though often students average 25-30 hours per week) with various preceptors. If these requirements do not fit will with your rotation requirements, please consider applying for a NP Preceptorship here.