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Health Services

We offer a wide range of health services for our patients, including medical, dental and vision care, as well as behavioral health and health support services. We also offer free walk-in pregnancy tests and HIV tests at all of our clinic site locations. Below, you'll find a description and link for more information on the services that we offer. Just click on the title to learn more about our services.

Free Pregnancy Tests

Lawndale Christian Health Center offers free pregnancy tests at each of our sites. We want to be available to you when you need us. Pregnancy tests are available on a walk-in basis, or you can also call ahead to schedule a same-day appointment with your Primary Care Provider. A provider, nurse, or test counselor is available to provide you with immediate, lab-quality results, along with any counseling you may need.

Cuidado médico especializado

Proporcionamos servicios especializados limitados en las áreas de cardiología, neumología (pulmonologia), enfermedad contagiosa, cirugía general, ortopedia, oftalmología, neonatología, y radiología. Las citas para la cirugía general ambulatoria, ortopedia ambulatoria, cardiología y reumatología se pueden hacer por medio de nuestro proceso regular de agendar. 

Cuidado médico para el VIH

LCHC ofrece un amplia variedad de servicios para las personas que están infectadas, en riesgo, o que han sido afectadas por la epidemia del VIH, el cual es especialmente severo en las comunidades que servimos. Ofrecemos un enfoque multidisciplinario para cuidar a los pacientes de VIH. Todos los servicios están disponibles en inglés y español. 

Cuidado dental

Tome el control de su salud oral y programe su próxima cita. Actualmente, LCHC ofrece un rango completo de servicios dentales generales para adultos y niños incluyendo servicios preventivos y de diagnóstico tales como, exámenes, limpiezas, tratamientos de fluoruro, sellantes y rayos –X. Los servicios de restauración incluyen empastes de resina compuesta, empastes de amalgama y coronas. También practicamos extracciones simples al igual que terapia de endodoncia. Para reemplazar dientes faltantes ofrecemos puentes no movibles al igual que dentadura movible parcial o completa.

Salud de niños

En Lawndale Christian Health Center creemos que los niños son un regalo de Dios, merecedores de amor y respeto. Es una gran alegría para nosotros poder proveer el mejor cuidado médico para los niños y sus familias. LCHC ofrece una extensa variedad de cuidado primario completo, cuidado dental, optometría y servicios de apoyo para nuestros pacientes pediátricos y sus familias. 

Salud de adultos

Ofrecemos opciones de cuidado médico y servicios completos para adultos. Nuestros especialistas de práctica familiar y medicina interna ofrecen cuidado médico continuo. 

También nos especializamos en ayudar a nuestros pacientes a tratar condiciones crónicas como el asma o presión alta. Usted no tiene que vivir solo con su condición médica. Tenemos recursos que le pueden ayudar a controlar su condición médica. 


Ubicada en nuestra clínica principal en el 3860 W. Ogden Ave nuestra farmacia colabora con nuestros empleados médicos y con los equipos de cuidado para proveer servicios de calidad para nuestros pacientes. 

La farmacia ahora es fácilmente accesible por la entrada del lado este que da hacia la avenida Avers.  Abajo encontrara una lista de preguntas frecuentes para los servicios de la farmacia.

Preguntas frecuentes

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Cuidado de su visión

Nosotros proporcionamos exámenes completos de la vista a nuestros pacientes actuales. Nuestros doctores tienen experiencia con pacientes que tienen problemas de glaucoma, cataratas, retinopatía diabética y los efectos oculares de otras condiciones médicas. 

Nuestra área óptica tiene una gran selección de marcos para anteojos. Proporcionamos anteojos a un bajo costo y participamos en el programa de Medicaid para anteojos de Illinois. Nuestros empleados hablan inglés y español. Para programar una cita llame al 872-588-3240.  

Cuidado prenatal y de mujeres

Care For Growing Families

Nosotros creemos que el mejor cuidado médico involucra la persona completa, atendiendo la salud física, social, emocional y espiritual y también la de la familia y la comunidad. Desde 1984 hemos trabajado para tener una comunidad y bebés más saludables. 

Children's Health

At Lawndale Christian Health Center, we believe that children are a gift from God, worthy of love and respect. It is our joy to provide the best care possible for children and their families. LCHC offers a wide range of comprehensive primary care, dental, optometry, and support services to our pediatric patients and their families.

Adult Health

We offer comprehensive healthcare options and services for adults. Our Family Practice and Internal Medicine specialists offer ongoing medical care.

We also specialize in helping our patients treat chronic conditions, like asthma or high blood pressure. You don't have to live with your condition alone. We have resources that can help you manage your health conditions.

Social Services

In addition to comprehensive medical care, LCHC also offers several social services to children and families. This includes helping families sign up for WIC, AllKids, free HIV Testing, free pregnancy testing, access to the New Birth Boutique and Case Management services.

Social and Spiritual Care

We understand that medical care is only part of overall wellness, so we offer programs and services to meet social and spiritual care needs as well, provided by our Pastoral Care Workers, Health Support Workers and our highly trained team of Behavioral Health Providers. These services provide social and emotional support through counseling for LCHC patients facing life crises, social isolation, joblessness, relationship conflict, housing issues and other life challenges and are available as a referral from your Primary Care Provider.

HIV Care

LCHC offers a wide range of services to individuals infected, at-risk, and affected by the HIV epidemic, which is especially severe in the communities we serve. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to caring for patients with HIV. All services are available in English and Spanish.

HIV Medical and Preventive Care

Medical care is provided by a team of trained and qualified providers with experience treating men and women infected with HIV for their primary care preventative services, as well as HIV related medical needs.  


Located at our Main Clinic site at 3860 W Ogden Ave, our on-site Pharmacy collaborates with our medical staff and care teams to provide quality services for our patients. 

The pharmacy has recently relocated and is now easily accessible from our East Entrance, facing Avers Avenue.  See below for a list of frequently asked questions for pharmacy services.


  • How do I get a refill?

Vision Care

We provide comprehensive eye exams for current patients of the Lawndale Christian Health Center. Our doctors are experienced with examining and following patients with Glaucoma, Cataracts, Diabetic Retinopathy and the ocular effects of other medical conditions.

Our optical area carries a large selection of frames. We provide complete pairs of glasses at low cost and participate in the Illinois Medicaid eyeglass program. Our staff speaks English and Spanish. To make an appointment, just call 872.588.3240. 

Dental Care

Take charge of your oral health - schedule your next 6 month check-up with us! LCHC currently offers a full range of general dentistry services for adults and children including diagnostic and preventive services such as exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants and x-rays. Restorative services include composite resin fillings, amalgam fillings and crowns. The clinic also performs simple extractions as well as offering root canal therapy. For replacing missing teeth, fixed bridges are offered, as well as removable full and partial dentures.


Dental Clinic
3750 W. Ogden Avenue, Chicago, IL 60623 3rd Floor
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Women's and Prenatal Care

Care For Growing Families

We believe the best health care involves the whole person—addressing physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health—and that of the family and community. Since 1984, we have worked for a healthier community and for healthier babies.

Specialty Care

Limited specialists services are provided in the areas of Cardiology, Pulmonology, Infectious Disease, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Neonatology, ENT, and Radiology. Appointments for outpatient general surgery, outpatient orthopedics, cardiology and rheumatology can be made via our regular scheduling process.

Uninsured patients who need specialist care not available at LCHC will be referred to another health facility. We refer patients with Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance to Mt. Sinai or St. Anthony.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Consultation is available to existing patients by referral from your primary care provider.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health is an integrated Primary Care Psychology service, in which the behavioral health providers offer brief, immediate support to LCHC physicians and their patients in areas such as mental health concerns, coping with chronic illness and life problems, and behavioral change assistance in a variety of areas such as weight loss, medication compliance, and lifestyle change. The Behavioral Health provider will provide immediate and personal follow-up to the primary care provider including findings and recommendations.