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Your Care Team


When you choose LCHC for your prenatal care, you will benefit from a whole team of professionals working together.

Health Care Provider

  • Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or Midwife who cares for you throughout your pregnancy
  • One of our team of physicians or midwives will meet you at the hospital (Mount Sinai or Saint Anthony) to deliver your baby

Care Management

  • Helps you apply for your Medical Card if you are uninsured (which will cover the costs of your prenatal care and delivery)
  • Provides one-on-one education, brief counseling, and social support
  • Coordinates needed services for nutrition (WIC), clothing, transportation, housing, and daycare

Maternal Child Health Nurse

  • Reviews your personal history to tailor your care to your specific needs
  • Provides education each trimester of pregnancy
  • Coordinates clinical services