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Social and Spiritual Care

We understand that medical care is only part of overall wellness, so we offer programs and services to meet social and spiritual care needs as well, provided by our Pastoral Care Workers, Health Support Workers and our highly trained team of Behavioral Health Providers. These services provide social and emotional support through counseling for LCHC patients facing life crises, social isolation, joblessness, relationship conflict, housing issues and other life challenges and are available as a referral from your Primary Care Provider.

  • Behavioral Health - Behavioral Health is an integrated Primary Care Psychology service, in which the behavioral health providers offer brief, immediate support to LCHC physicians and their patients in areas such as mental health concerns, coping with chronic illness and life problems, and behavioral change assistance in a variety of areas such as weight loss, medication compliance, and lifestyle change. 
  • Pastoral Care Workers facilitate support groups based on specific topics of need (Bereavement, Stress-Anxiety-Depression, Coping Skills, Boundaries, etc.), help with grief, homes or the hospital visitation, partnership with local faith groups, and provide linkage to community resources. Pastoral Care seeks out partnerships with community churches so that the clinic and churches can work together to meet the needs of the whole person. Contact a member of our Pastoral Care Team for an updated list of local churches.
  • Health Support Services: In addition to comprehensive medical care, LCHC also offers several health support services to children and families. This includes helping families sign up for WIC, AllKids, HIV Testing, free pregnancy testing, New Birth Boutique and Case Management services.