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Q: Who can participate in the project?

A: We are accepting applications from first year medical students, and senior college students or recent graduates with a strong interest in becoming an MD or midlevel provider.


Q: What are the demographics of the Lawndale/Garfield communities?

A: Go to our About page for a good summary of the Lawndale community under Lawndale History.


Q: When is the LSMP?

A: The LSMP 2019 dates are June 25-July 27. The first week involves 3 days of orientation and training in anticipation of 4 complete weeks in the neighborhoods and seeing patients with providers in the clinic. We ask you to arrive on Tuesday, June 25.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Project tuition is $700.00, which includes housing, a food stipend, and materials. We encourage you to raise funds for this project as you would for any other mission project. If accepted we will send you more information about how to raise funds. There are also scholarships available for students with significant financial need, who are unable to raise funds. Please email for details. 


Q: When is the application due? Are there other deadlines I should know about? 

A: The application is due in its entirety by Thursday, March 14, 2019. Late or incomplete applications will not receive favorable consideration! Please have all of your materials in by the deadline. If accepted you will have 15 days to sign the commitment letter and mail it back to us.


Q: What will the participants actually do?

A: Great question! You will initiate neighborhood contact with our patients,  performing home visits with those patients not accessing routine care to manage their chronic conditions--specifically, hypertension and diabetes. Secondly, you will experience direct patient care, twice weekly shadowing a Lawndale clinician, seeing both adult and pediatric patients in multiple clinical settings while building insight into what it means to be a Christian serving the urban poor.  Finally, you will participate in weekly community health fairs, which will offer basic health education and health screenings such as blood sugar and blood pressure checks.


Q: Can you give me specifics about a typical day?

A: Most week day mornings will consist of either scheduled small-group time or didactic seminars, with the majority of two week days dedicated to shadowing a Lawndale clinician. On two other week days you will be conducting home visits in various neighborhoods. Evenings will have a much more limited schedule, with allowance for personal reflection and unstructured group fellowship. You will have one week day off per week.  On Saturdays, you conduct a community health fair and on Sundays, you participate in worship with your host family at their local church or at the Lawndale Community Church.


Q: Where will we live during the month?

A: Project participants will live with host-families who are part of the Lawndale staff for the entire 4 weeks of the project. Our intent is for participants to live in the community in which they will serve. Transportation to and from the clinic may include walking, taking public transportation or riding in a car with others. We are committed to ensuring that your housing will be clean, safe, and suitable for building affinity within the Lawndale community. We strongly encourage you to bring your own car if you have one.


Q: Who can I contact with more questions about LSMP?

A: You can e-mail the LSMP coordinator at